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American Credit Debt Solutions

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On July 25, 2006, American Credit Debt Solutions, Inc was established. We started the business as a credit repair and debt solution firm. We assisted people who were looking for a personal, business, or mortgage loan, or who wanted to refinance their existing mortgage loan but were unable to obtain low interest rates due to credit issues. We repaired and restored their credit reports, and they were able to obtain the lowest available interest rates.

American Credit Debt Solutions, Inc is a credit restoration industry leader, not just a credit repair company. We've been assisting people with their credit, debt, and funding issues, and we've given them solutions. We have funded people who were unable to be funded by banks or lenders due to credit issues and/or low credit scores, or who had to pay exorbitant interest rates with hard money lenders.

We have over 20 years of credit experience and 30 years of lending experience.

Our company is dedicated to resolving credit, debt, and funding issues for our clients and providing them with the necessary solutions. We back our service with a money-back guarantee that no other credit repair company in the industry offers. We value your financial information and provide Identity Theft Protection up to $1,000,000 to ensure that your social security and financial information is secure and safe with us.

We specialise in offering the best credit solutions programmes ever devised. We go above and beyond what other credit repair companies offer. In fact, if we can't repair or restore your credit, no one can.

Simply put, we provide far more than any other credit repair company in the industry. In fact, our services are unrivalled, and we go above and beyond to assist our clients in resolving their credit and funding issues.

If you want to completely restore your credit report, settle your debts, and improve your credit scores, we are the company for you.

We provide a plethora of services in our Credit Solution Programs that you will not find with any other credit repair company. The vast majority of businesses will remove negative information from your credit report. That, however, causes more harm than good. If you deleted or removed all of your negative accounts, you would have to start over and rebuild your credit report from scratch. Through debt settlements, we only remove negative information from closed accounts and reverse negative information to paid as agreed on open accounts. Reverting a negative account to paid or paid as agreed will raise your credit scores rather than making them NA or unavailable.

In reality, your credit is the most important aspect of your financial life. It is the foundation of your finances, and if you want to be financially stable or secure, you must have good credit.

When you have credit issues or are unable to obtain funding, we are the people to contact. If you can repay the loan, you are 100% APPROVED.

We are one of the few credit repair companies that offers a written Money Back Guarantee.